There is a large variety of microcontrollers (MCU) available on the market today. We will focus on a few versatile MCU chips called AVR chips from Atmel company Technology. These MCUs come in a variety of "flavors", each with different components and capabilities and easy to use, which make them popular among engineers, students and Hobbyists alike.

        Microcontrollers or MCU, as stated, are inexpensive computers. There ability to store and run unique programs
makes them extremely versatile. For instance, one can program a MCU to make decisions (perform functions) based on
predetermined situations (I/O-line logic) and selections. The MCU's ability to perform math and logic functions allows
it to mimic sophisticated logic at low cost i.e. either standalone or embedded.

        AVRs are low-cost computers-on-a-chip (MCU) that let electronics designers and hobbyists add intelligence
and functions to any electronic project i.e. run programs written inside it. These MCU contains a CPU (central
processing unit), RAM (random-access memory), ROM (read-only memory), I/O (input/output) lines, serial and parallel
ports, timers, and sometimes other built-in peripherals such as A/D (analog-to-digital) and D/A (digital-to-analog)

        Because the need of engineering students for help in their projects with MCU desgin, we decided to offer a desgin firmware (programs in MCU) service for the specified MCU assembly language or in C programming language. This service will save you time esp. if you are beginner or unexperinced in this field, and will also reduces your costs (i.e. purchasing special hardware to be used in such production). Our experties in this field means efficient firmware, speed of execution specially in time-critical environment and fast delivery.

For more information or query or hiring, please feel free to contact us

Atmel AVR Microcontroller firmware / hardware Development Service

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