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        We have been working with clients that covers different domains like telecommunication, finance, healthcare and manufacturing etc. Our vast knowledge in C++ development and rich experience & processes in development area allows us to meet the client’s requirements within the given timelines and Quality.

Why C++?

        Given C++ allows building high performance, efficient, flexible, stable and time-critical applications which runs faster than any other computer programming languages, C++ is standarized by ISO (International Standards Organization) and became very popular, general-purpose, versatile, portable and widely used language. Many new programming language have been influenced by C++ (i.e. Java, C#), and still cannot compete with it. Because that C++ stand up in software engineering and other fields and will stay alive for long time (Periodically Many features are added to improve it is versatility), Its availability in many platforms (operating systems) like Windows, Mac OS, and various versions of UNIX (like Linux) means your software can be transported easily among these platforms. In addition to its low-level features which contributes to its efficiency and speed of execution.

        C++ language is known to provide key capabilities and benefits offered by object-oriented programming. Code written in C++ allows programmers to reuse certain common libraries, so that some common functions need not be rewritten. C++ applications are economical to use in terms of memory space and network resources.

        We have been deeply focusing on C++ development since it is proven to be one of the fastest application development tools offering excellent reliability and stability. We develop C++ based custom solutions that are highly extendable: features and components can be easily added or removed.

        C++ is always the right choice for serious applications that can be recompiled on multiple platforms. It is preferred choice of programmers all over the world when it comes to programming for time-critical application (like operating system, system or kernel drivers, games, ...etc).

Here are some software (Projects) developed by us (written in C++);

--- CMar4Pabx, (detailed) in this site.
--- IVR (Interactive Voice Response) for connecting users through internet i.e. Phone-Phone software / Hardware.
--- Patient Management System (For doctors to manage their patients medical data)
--- Hospital Call Center (For Doctors appointments booking and confirmation with hardware for call auto receive)
     (Under development...)
--- Gold accountancy software.
--- Lundary management software.

        For furture information/query, please click on ContactUs button from menu above and send your query.
        We are looking to help you prosperous.
        We are one of a leading C/C++ project / application development software agency. We provide C++ Programming Services to our client. Our team of experts is capable of deploying medium scale C++ application in different environments (Server, Standalone Application GUI ..etc.) within windows operating system environment starting from NT and so on. If you're looking for an overall helping hand, a high-end C++ development service or consultation, we can get you a solution. Whether it's software support, C++ development or bugs fixing, contact us and get some advice on how to work through C++ changes.

        Our software engineering team creates object-oriented C++ applications software that is highly efficient both in time, infrastructure capacity and investments. By leveraging proven best practices and proprietary know-hows we ensure not only ultimate performance, but also strong reliability and maintainability of the delivered solutions.
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