Encryption, Compression, Directory Compare, and Shredding for data security


         We provide users with reliable and powerful featured software which combine a range of tools to accomplish greater data security features with latest security technology, which can be used to protect you sensitive personal data with confidence, yet having simple and ease of use, Intuitive User Interface (GUI) designed by data security experts. User Interface is a straightforward that can be used by anyone, regardless of their skills. The interface is clean, crisp and easy to navigate. It shows you details of operation in progress i.e. progress bars, file details being operated on, sizes, showing tree view of encrypted data, ... etc.

        MarSecureData++ software is for people who are looking to secure their valuable data i.e. documents, images, e-mails, or any other type of files using most powerfull alogrithms known. The software will automatically restore files to it's orignal state in one step no matter how many encryption / compressions steps have been done. In addition it provide directory detailed compare i.e. equal, unqiue, different, sizes, contents... etc, and allow listing of these files / directories which are being compared. Also it allows to shred (erase) directory and free disk space completely and permanentely, to ensure and prevent any person from tracing or recover your normally deleted files using disk sector reading softwares no matter how hard he/she tries.

        Software will remove (shred) redundant (not required) files predefined by user for expamle file with extension '.~txt' will be remove from orginal directory prior to encryption / compression operations. These help to minimize and clean up orignal directory.

        Software allows you to create self executable compressed file (SFX), which transform a whole directory into a single file and which doesnot require any additional software to run to extract the files back into directory structure. the software allows the author of such SFX file to include information about the author like name, email, website, informational wbsite link, and quick additional notes. The software is stamped with CRC, to make sure it is NOT modified though media transmission like internet, intranet, email ... etc. If such modification is detected the file will not run. Such file will help to reduce time to transmit the whole directory and good where transmission bandwidth is expensive, since it is compressed.

        We highly recommend downloading the latest version of the software for evalution purposes. This allows you to examine the full features of this software and buy it with complete confidence. In trial period software is limited to 10 MB directory size, which becomes un-limited size in purchased version.

Security Features :

            1. For greater security, software is designed to operate (run) only in presence of USB dongle. So no un
                authorized personals can use it without your permissions. You can use your own USB flash drive for this
            2. Software doesnot run without entering activation password (which used also as encryption key).
            3. In case of loosing your MarSecureData++ installed software due to damage of windows operation system
                or moving to another computer which doesnot have this software installed, you still can restore your data
                without worry about installing the software again (providing you have the USB dongle and know the
                activation password).

Software Features (Summarized) :

       1. Unlock password / encryption key, up to 64 characters long.
        2. AES-256, One of most secured encryption alogrithm known (used by American defense department).
        3. Modified BZIP2, Compression alogritm optimized for speed and best compression size.
            (note it can NOT be decompressed by external software).
        4. SFX: Self extracting compressed executable file creation, with author information i.e. creation time,
            Author name, Email, Website, Info link (to visit for follow-up, check for updates), and Notes.
        5. Auto detect restoration of orignal data (No need to remember wether encryption, compression or both
            previously done and how many times repeated. Note file extension is NOT used to identify such operation,
            for security of data). Any one illegally have access to these files will not know type of cryptography operations
        6. Shredding (erasing) of existing directories or partition free space, using DoD-5220-22M alogrithm
            (Created by US Department of Defense).
        7. Directory detailed compare i.e. equal, unique, different, sizes, contents... etc.
        8. Software Options set up i.e. software password / key, Silent mode, Inactivity time ... etc.
        9. After each operation, or if pre-defined inactivity time detected, then software re-ask for password.
            (ensures right person is using it).
      10. Log file viewer (records all operations done with time stamp, elapsed time, sizes before and after
            operation. Good for comparsion and follow-up).

System Requirement :

1. Windows Operating system. windows 7/8/10 (x86, x64)
        2. 256 MB of RAM (512 MB is recommeded) + up to 4 GB RAM for windows operation system
        3. 10 GB free hard disk space.
        4. Display resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher

To view screen shots of software operations. Please click onMarSecureData++ Screenshots Page.

To download the software trial version for evaluation, please click onDownload Page

We hope this will meet your requirements. To purchase, please click onPurchase Page.
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