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      We offer a service of designing and creating web sites to our customers according to their needs (i.e. Personnal and Commerical). Cost of creating, re-creating, updating web sites depends on the complexity required.

        We are offering fully intuitive websites that not only look great, but also work good. Our industry leading website designers possess the knowledge and expertise needed to create and motivate potential clients to interact and make contact. Our web designs, online developments, eCommerce solutions and email marketing strategies are designed to do more than just impress with their good looks. We create web designs that are an asset to your business (e.g Widens their customers reach, and get in contact, ... etc.).
         Our website developers have an in depth understanding of the constantly changing behaviours of Internet users. Having a very good website design is important for your company's Organizations these days and should have web pages to be able to promote their own product or service on the web. Yet, the success of a web site really depends on just how it could catch the attention of customers into it. Design is also necessary. Most people tend to like whats beautiful and also eye-catching. A good website design could persuade many people to go to your web page as well as patronize it. In ways, your web page works as a web based representation of the business. It is one of many ways for you to inform or show folks about exactly what your company is all about. For you to successfully achieve this, you will have to make investments on an effective website design. However, aside from bringing in customers, you can find some other reasons for you to spend for a well-designed website too!

        We are a long-standing website design site, which have helped many businesses clients to build great custom websites and e-marketing (eCommerce) campaigns. Each web site design, is completely unique and bespoke. Our web designers have built websites for every imaginable business sector from personal, universities to accountants and florists. We have clients all over the world from large companies to small businesses and the self employed.

        We offer this service for VPS (Virtual Private Server) and Dedicated Servers running Linux CentOS operating system and custom scripts written in C/C++ Compiled language by our expert team. Their are three reasons for that:

    1.SPEED. Manifest in two factors
                        1.1 Debian based VPS systems runs faster than Windows alternative (since Windows is huge and slow).
                        1.2 Unlike PHP / Python / Perl interpretive languages which are buggy and slow in response to your
                               customers requests (since the interpreter should be loadded each time a customer request
                               dynamically generated page and require big a mount of memory to run). our scripts will run 5 to 10
                               times faster to serve your customer needs and it uses less a mount of memory.

    2.SECUIRTY. Any hacker manages to obtains our script executable file (from your website) either by one of your staff or by any other mean will not be able to understand how it works or how it access your database information or even steal the password which access your database of concern, unlike the above mentioned languages which are written in plain and understandable text file which makes it easy for hacker to steal or corrupt your valuable information into your databases.

    3.COST. Manifests in three ways:
                     3.1 Debian operating system based VPS are cheaper than Widows alternative.
                     3.2 Linux uses less memory (RAM) than Windows alternative.
                     3.3 Our C/C++ custom scripts also uses less RAM than interpertive languages scripts mentioned above.
         This allows you to select website package(s) with less memory (RAM) and hence reduces the cost of renting
         website package with huge memory or RAM size. This is a huge saving because packages are sold on mounthly

     Our extremely affordable pricing means we can create what you need at a price that is accessible. Our pricing structure is clear and open. Honest, straightforward, expert web design services at great prices.

Ecommerce / Online Store Web Design

         Buying and selling online has never been as popular or safe as today. The Internet is the worlds' biggest marketplace and we are able to offer your business eCommerce solutions with a professional online presence, giving you the opportunity to reach a potentially unlimited customer base.

         We use the latest scripting and secure technologies to ensure our eCommerce websites are scalable across all  devices and browsers - from devices such as iPads and Android tablets to browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox Safari and Google Chrome. This also allows us to offer attractive ways of displaying your products.

         We create customised, secure and user friendly eCommerce websites which allows you to sell your goods online in a safe environment - attractive to customers.

         We have developed an entirely bespoke, highly scalable and feature rich eCommerce system. It enables our clients to quickly manage and retrieve up to date information regarding their orders and customers via a user-friendly management system.

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